ARTODAY is the transformation of Enders Studio which was founded in 1996 by Enders Wong upon his graduation from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, FAA. In 2005, Enders started Artoday with the mission to provide children with the highest level of professional art education.

A wide range of art and music classes for children and adults are offered at Artoday. With a fully equipped pottery workshop, a few spacious studios, a gallery and our experienced instructors, students are in the best environment to explore their artistic talents.

Being an art educator for over 10 years and as the Art Director of Artoday, Enders has designed an excellent teaching approach. Teaching all the basic techniques and theory step by step, students will build up an excellent level of artistic skills. This will allow them to develop their individuality as an artist through creativity and imagination, teach them how to appreciate art and incorporate it in our lives as inspiration and cultural learning.